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Founded by artists, Certain Circuits Magazine publishes poetry, experimental prose, art, and new media. We are especially interested in documenting multimedia collaborative work between artists.

LOREN DANN:  Painting
Bill Murray
Veronica Dewitt
D Barron
Josh Barr
Tilda Swinton
M Caulfield
This show was held at the Abbaye in Philadelphia. I submitted requests via flyer and other internet routes looking for photos of anyone, following 3 rules…no smiling, facing forward, and above the shoulders. I recieved 50 photos. The idea behind this series was to try to get the patron to find their interest in art. How can you not be interested in a piece when you are the subject? This is the second public series I have done where I allow the patron to pick my subject. I find that we can encourage more interest when we make the art attainable.
Loren Dann is a feminist artist from the Philadelphia area.  She works in oil, fabric, and often rage.  She balances her time coming up with ideas that will sell paintings  and raising little feminists artists.  http://lorenldann.blogspot.com