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Founded by artists, Certain Circuits Magazine publishes poetry, experimental prose, art, and new media. We are especially interested in documenting multimedia collaborative work between artists.

Hammer, featuring Patrick Morris, investigates the creative process that occurs
between an artist and his  personal demons.  The video featured raw material
from the drawings of Mr. Morris which were then acted out in a symbolic ritual
animal sacrifice.  The drawings are overlaid throughout the video to establish
the haunting space between the artist’s drawings and his life experience.

With acknowledgment to the 4 elements, water, air, fire and earth, the video
begins with a ritualistic creation of earth, the primordial goo, found beneath
the comforting layer of water.  The sculpted bull is a manifestation of
masculinity and a metaphor for the hammer.  The video follows amidst air
metaphors (the floating boat, the dialogue).  The video then moves into a
fire/destructive/crucification ritual with its nailing of the
Oedipal/minotaur/bull/father figure and finally the slaughtered bull is returned
to the water to sooth and dissipate. There is a transference onto the bull that
resolves itself in its destruction. Ancient myths suggest a regenerative process
in the slaying of a bull.  Like Theseus and the minotaur, the world has been
freed and made right again by this action.

Jim Tuite and Patrick Morris are artists working in painting, drawing,
photography and video.  They were both educated at Tyler School of Art. Mr.
Tuite also studied at the School of Visual Art. The video “Hammer”, featuring
Mr. Morris, examines the relationship between personal demons found in an
obsessive ritual with an artist’s creative process.

Jim Tuite (AKA Tumei Tejas) has been using photography since 1983. He uses a degenerative approach to video as a foil to mass media and the internet. Visual elements are reduced to iconic value and reassigned to mythological overlays or simulacra strategies. He is a graduate of Tyler School of Art and School of Visual Arts.